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    Framing the US-China trade war : a content analysis of news frames used in the United States and Chinese media [1]
    Framing the writers strike : a comparison of newspaper coverage of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike [1]
    Framing theory and operation Iraqi freedom: an analysis of news frames and the 2003 conflict in Iraq [1]
    Freedom and self-knowledge in the dramatic works of Anton Chekhov [1]
    Fremont, OH : from Armistice 1918 to elections 1920 [1]
    Frequency of coaching behaviors used by agriculture teachers in relation to the State Floriculture Career Development event team rank [1]
    Frequency-minimal utility-maximizing cloud resources allocation for moving target defense [1]
    Freshman interest group participation and second year academic success of engineering students [1]
    Friends from isolation [1]
    From box suppers and card games to vineyards and viewscapes : community discourse in the exurban American west [1]
    From controversial to compatible : newspaper editors' views on the value of reporter beat blogs [1]
    From Gastarbeiter to Muslims : representations of Turkish migrants in West Germany from 1961-1989 [1]
    From loom to laundry : cloth finishers in the Roman city [1]
    From Norwegian invasion to Anglo-Saxon Rebellion : forging memories of Conquest England, c. 1066-1235 [1]
    From race records to rock 'n' roll : Elvis, Sun, and the production of culture perspective [1]
    From research to relationship : towards affinity-based scholarship and indigenous community empowerment [1]
    From the margins to the majority: portrayal of hispanic immigrants in the Garden Ciy (Kan.) Telegram, 1980-2000 [1]
    The front in flux : examining the relationship between African American population and front-page news depictions [1]
    Fuel handling accident analysis for the university of Missouri research reactors high enriched uranium to low enriched uranium fuel conversion initiative [1]
    Fuel management considerations in Caribbean pine forests of the mountain pine ridge of Belize, Central America [1]