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    Gender and propaganda at the crossroads (the case of Svetlana Alexievich) [1]
    Gender dynamics in the advertising industry : the interplay of workplace culture and career advancement [1]
    Gender equality? : A transnational feminist analysis of the UN HeForShe Campaign as a global "solidarity" movement for men [1]
    Gender, leadership and public relations [1]
    Gene expression prediction based on deep learning [1]
    General consideration of the calcium and phosphorus in the ration of growing cattle [1]
    A general method for sizing battery energy storage systems for use in mitigating photovoltaic flicker [1]
    General purpose evolutionary algorithm testbed [1]
    Generalizations of theorems from the Theory of Functions [1]
    A generalized approach for calculation of the eigenvector sensitivity for various eigenvector normalizations [1]
    Generating temperature sensitive inteins for studying gene functions [1]
    Generation and characteriazation of porcine induced trophoblast [1]
    Generation and characterization of porcine induced trophoblast [1]
    Generation of DNA-damaging reactive oxygen species via the autoxidation of hydrogen sulfide under physiologically relevant conditions [1]
    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization [1]
    Generation Z perceptions of product placement in original Netflix content [1]
    Genetic algorithm for batch sequencing [1]
    Genetic and maternal effects on neonatal survival in the western lowland gorilla [1]
    A genetic approach to determine river otter abundance in Missouri [1]
    Genetic architecture of the seed stearic acid trait in Soybean : QTL mapping and correlations with ten other traits using next-generation sequencing methods [1]