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    Graphene-SiC particle reinforced aluminum alloy composite foam : response to high strain rate deformation
    Graphical user interface for interactive image measurement applications
    Graphs of a real variable
    Grasshopper and bee communities on Missouri prairies : comparing reconstructions and remnants
    Gratitude vessels : ceramic composition and social cohesion
    A grave injustice : institutional terror at the State Industrial Home for Negro girls and the paradox of delinquent reform in Missouri, 1888-1960
    Gray treefrog breeding site selection and offspring performance in response to forest management
    Grazing lawns across Africa : a case study comparison between Kruger National Park and Serengati [sic] National Park
    Greater sage-grouse nest site selection, brood-rearing site selection, and chick survival in Wyoming
    The greatest improvement of any country: economic development in Ullapool and the Highlands, 1786-1835
    A green residential wish list : most important features according to homeowners
    Green with emotion : the effect of negative emotional appeal intensity on cognitive processing of environmental PSAs
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams
    A grounded theory investigation of skip-generation stepgrandparent-stepgrandchild relationships
    Groundwater nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics under cattle grazing and row crop management in two contrasting soils in Missouri
    Groundwater vulnerability to agrochemicals: a GIS-based DRASTIC model analysis of Carroll, Chariton, and Saline counties, Missouri USA
    Group contribution modeling of physical properties during urethane reaction
    Groupoids and semigroupoids
    The growing power of the governor
    Growing up consumer : representations of adult culture in contemporary American children's magazines