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    Absorption of Gases by Charcoal in Vacua
    An absurd beauty
    The abundance and diversity of stream salamanders on montane golf courses
    Abundance of Black-backed Woodpeckers and other birds in relation to disturbance and forest structure in the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains of South Dakota and Wyoming
    Abundance of TRIM28, SETDB1, and TP53 mRNA is dynamically regulated during porcine early embryogenesis and is abnormal in preimplantation embryos produced by in vitro fertilization in comparison to in vivo derived and nuclear transfer derived embryos
    Academic and white working class perceptions of the economic aspects of white privilege
    The acceleration of gravity : an absolute determination with a Kater's pendulum for Columbia, Missouri
    Access to electronic public records : a 50 state study
    Access to food in Columbia, Missouri
    Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered by travelers with physical disabilities in China
    Accessibility and social responsibility : exploring barriers to access on news websites for people who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing
    Accounting for spectral variability in hyperspectral unmixing using beta endmember distributions
    Acculturation levels and brand perceptions of Hispanic female consumers
    Accurate DNA microsatellite and microRNA detection with a biological nanopore
    Achieving energy efficiency in manufacturing: organization, procedures and implementation
    Acoustic feature-based sentiment analysis of call center data
    The acquisition of Stephens Lake Park: a case study
    Acquisition of the Hawaiian Islands : a step in the territorial and commercial expansion of the United States
    "Acting white" on social media : a study of African Americans' racial identity performance on Twitter
    The action of Digitalis on the cardiac inhibitory centre