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    The role of photography in Peru's truth and reconciliation process [1]
    The role of place in assisted living [1]
    The role of postruminal amino acid supply and mitochondria function on residual feed intake [1]
    Role of preovulatory estradiol in uterine and luteal function [1]
    The role of product category involvement when stealing thunder during organizational crises [1]
    The role of public information officers in local American government [1]
    The role of public relations education in preparing students for managerial roles [1]
    The role of relationship quality in vocabulary acquisition : evidence from Spanish-speaking preschoolers [1]
    The role of RNAi genes in Neurospora crassa post-transcriptional gene silencing [1]
    The role of sodium-calcium exchanger in the electrical activity of embryonic chicken heart [1]
    The role of sphingosine kinase in influenza virus mediated inflammasome activitation [1]
    Role of the carotid body chemoreceptors in blood flow and blood pressure regulation in type 2 diabetes [1]
    Role of the media during political events in authoritarian, democratization and democratic periods in Korea [1]
    The role of time preference on wealth [1]
    The role of TV Globo Internacional for Brazilian immigrants in south Florida and Toronto [1]
    The role of variable cracking on agrichemical transport at the Missouri MSEA site using the root zone water quality model [1]
    The role of video on sports fan attitudes [1]
    The role of witchcraft accusations as an alternative form of self-expression [1]
    Role of WntPlanar cell polarity genes in migration of facial branchiomotor neurons [1]
    The role of work preferences in the disparity between females in public relations and females leading public relations [1]