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    A study of the extent to which growth retarded during the early life of the beef animal can be later regained
    A study of the factors influencing the ability of the animal to digest its food
    Study of the factors influencing the composition of beef fat
    Study of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) method for characterization of deep soils in the Mississippi Embayment
    A study of the impact national forests have on county population and employment densities
    A study of the individual and organizational characteristics influencing event planner's perception on information content and channel choice
    A study of the Japanese translation of Huckleberry Finn
    A study of the Kansas City Chiefs crisis communication during the national anthem protests
    A study of the Mexican sugar industry and the impact of the new suspension agreement under different market structures
    A study of the New York Times' coverage of a poetic response to the Ocean Hill-Brownsville School conflict :
    A study of the origin and development of the English baronial boroughs
    Study of the phenomenon of barrenness in corn
    A study of the physical and chemical properties of the soil as influenced by cowpea culture
    A study of the poems of Francois Villon
    A study of the portrayal of female on-air talent on Spanish language television news
    A study of the processes of fat metabolism and methods for the determination of fat
    A study of the relation of type and conformation to production in dairy cattle
    A study of the reliability of the Thorndike Handwriting Scale
    Study of the rhetorical figures in the odes of Horace
    A study of the role of the Atg8 protein in autophagic vesicle formation