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    A study of lightning flashes attending periods of banded heavy snowfall [1]
    A study of localism in the digital footprint [1]
    A study of magnesium and body fluids of the rat during cold acclimatization [1]
    Study of micro-sized particle deposition using DEM, CFD-DEM and SPH approach [1]
    A study of minor offenses in St. Louis [1]
    A study of Monteverdi's three genera from the preface to Book VIII of Madrigals in relation to operatic characters in Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in patria and L'incoronazione di Poppea [1]
    A study of newspaper treatment of male and female political candidates [1]
    A study of non-profit social media engagement [1]
    Study of nuclear transmutation using cyclotron for post-CMOS activation of Beta emitters [1]
    A study of perceived attributes of Asian foods : comparison of implicit and explicit attitude measures [1]
    A study of polyurethane polymerization via modeling and experiment [1]
    A study of power distribution system reconfiguration based on reliability indices [1]
    A study of property and knowledge inheritance in 19th Century Scania, Sweden [1]
    A study of public opinion relative to organizations : reviewing representation of local media and nonprofit organizations [1]
    A study of Quaternary active tectonics [1]
    A study of reading in 'Little Women' [1]
    A study of readthrough therapy for spinal muscular atrophy in a transgenic mouse model [1]
    A study of reproductive toxicology [1]
    A study of SecA : the motor of the bacterial secretion system by site-directed spin labeling and EPR [1]
    The study of single phase diode rectifiers with high power factor and low total harmonic distortion [1]