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    Topsoil thickness impact on corn, soybean, and switchgrass productivity and soil nutrient management [1]
    The torn page : fashioning identity through Venetian incunabular ornament [1]
    Tornado intensity prediction based on environment elements at tornado events starting points [1]
    Tourist motivation to use homestays in Thailand and their satisfaction based on the destination's cultural and heritage based attribute [1]
    Toward a common market in residency: international migration and regional integration [1]
    Toward polar 1,4-diphenylbutadiene materials [1]
    Toward the Celtic Tiger : integration and policymaking in Ireland's recent economic development [1]
    Towards a deconstructive ethics : an economic sacrifice and the logic of the gift [1]
    Towards deep learning on speech recognition for Khmer language [1]
    Traceability to farm and factory, country of manufacturing, and apparel purchase scenario [1]
    Tracing of internal layers in radar echograms from a Greenland study region [1]
    Tracing the history of state history : changing narratives in the Michigan Historical Marker Program [1]
    Tradeoff analysis for an integrated transportation and inventory distribution network using mixed integer linear programming [1]
    Traditional storytelling as descendant-leaving strategy: ancestral prescriptions for proper kinship and revenge in William Shakespeare's Hamlet [1]
    Trained to censor? : a study of student expression issues in Missouri principal preparation programs [1]
    Trained to eat : children's cognitive and emotional processing of snack food advergames [1]
    Training and field verification for hand-held thermographic inspection technologies [1]
    Training teachers for trade and individual subjects [1]
    Transaction costs and market thinness in crop byproduct markets [1]
    Transcendentalism of curves and of numbers [1]