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    Waterbird use and food availability on wetland reserve program easements enrolled in the migratory bird habitat initiative
    Watershed-sediment-biotic linkages in small streams of Missouri's Osage River Basin
    The Watts riots : a contemporary study of the news coverage of the riots
    We go back: antimodernism in the early Catholic Worker Movement
    We have chosen a few things from among many: the adaptations and suitability of nuns' rules in Merovingian Gaul
    "We pay the devil rent for living in hell, 'cause the projects was built on the spot where Lucifer fell": theorizing Richard Wright's Native son and Iceberg Slim's Pimp as urban neo-slave narratives
    We shall see God face to face: crossroads in Augustine's journey of the soul
    We're not living together: informal cohabitation in emerging adults
    Weak phase retrieval and phaseless reconstruction
    Wearable sensing analysis : identifying alcohol drinking from daily physiological data
    Weather's effect on NHL attendance
    Web based nursing home information system: needs, benefits, and success in providing efficient care at long term care facilities
    Web-based interactive editing and analytics for supervised segmentation of biomedical images
    Webpage rank using Bayes' rule and connected components
    Webs of intimacy and influence: unraveling writing culture at Harper's magazine during the Willie Morris years (1967-1971)
    Weed management and nitrogen loss in glyphosate-resistant corn (Zea mays)
    The western abolitionists
    What are Utah farmers' market shoppers willing to do to protect local agriculture?
    What changes in media risk frames reveal about changing attitudes toward modern life: the case of the Greek Press, 1977-2004
    What determines vote share in city council elections?: the incumbent advantage and economic voting