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    The veering path of progress : politics, race, and consensus in the north St. Louis Mark Twain Expressway fight, 1950-1956
    Vegetation management along roadside and railroad right-of-ways
    Vegetative growth and fruiting characteristics of black walnut
    Vehicle detection using morphological shared-weight neural network in the multiple instance learning framework
    Vehicle license plate detection and recognition
    Verification of thermographic bridge inspection technologies
    The verification of weather forecasts compared to numerical model guidance, climatology, human forecasts and seasonal variations
    The verification of weather forecasts, numerical modeling, climatology, and variations in enso cycles in forecast accuracy
    Verse rhetoric of Layamon's Brut & Beowulf
    Vessels of humility
    Viability, vigor, and field performance of a low phytic acid, high phytase activity soybean line, CAPPA
    Video adaptation for IPTV applications
    Video-based motion detection for stationary and moving cameras
    Videofluoroscopic characterization of dysphagia in the low copy number SOD1-G93A transgenic mouse model of ALS
    Videofluoroscopic characterization of swallowing impairment in mouse models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and advanced aging
    Views separated by time and terrain : the feminine perspective in the travel writings of Isabella Bird and Kira Salak
    Village life in Japan
    The vintners on the Missouri : political process and social control during the campaign against prohibition
    Viral video advertisements : uses and gratifications research
    The viscosity of dacitic liquids measured at conditions relevant to explosive arc volcanism: determing the influence of temperature, silicate composition, and dissolved volatile content