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    When to say when : wine and drunkenness in Roman society
    When welfare states retrench : the relationship between median voter prferences, government debt and welfare state outcomes in established democracies
    Where the dancer meets her divine: dance as religious experience in the lives of Loie Fuller and Isadora Duncan
    Who consumes illegal wildlife? : an analysis of bear bile usage in Vietnam
    Who did what?: age-related differences in memory for people and their actions
    Who drives defense policy : elites or public interest?
    Whose man at his best? : a comparative study of masculine ideals in Esquire Middle East and the American Esquire
    Why do people post online?: an analysis of the online review posting (ORP) scale as an extension to the web motivation inventory (WMI)
    Why people produce citizen-journalism : a qualitative analysis
    Why people share news about vaccinations on Facebook : a uses and gratifications approach
    Why should they comment? : understanding local television news viewers' motivation for commenting on stations' Facebook pages
    Wingman, warrior, airman : branding the U.S. Air Force
    Winter bird densities and eastern wood-pewee breeding demography across a savanna-woodland-forest gradient in the Missouri Ozarks
    Winter rations for dairy heifers
    Winter road maintenance resource allocation models
    Winter structure and development of apple buds
    Wireless communication for small floor pads to detect personnel activity
    Wireless sensor network aided search and rescue in trails
    Wireless signal acquisition and processing techniques for horse lameness detection and evaluation
    "With the intention of destroying her life" : women, suicide, and the limits of respectability in St. Louis Missouri, 1875 to 1900