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    Critism of the methods of Christian missions in China from a sociological point of view
    Crooked coverage: a study of (de)racialized texts in print media
    Cross correlation calculations and neutron scattering analysis for portable solid state neutron detection system
    Cross-cultural audience comprehension and engagement : a study of the effects of data visualization
    Cross-cutting knowledge organizations as leverages of entrepreneurial activity
    Crossing the school house gates : a media access audit of public high schools
    The crown gall disease of the apple : a discussion of the malady in general as applied to Missouri : experiments with the disease
    Cruise flight optimization of a commercial aircraft with winds
    Crustal stress across the northern Arabian plate and the relationship with the plate boundary forces
    Culinology applications to a convenient and economic frozen dinner set
    Cultural analysis of hero frames in American and North Korean media: focusing on tragedy and glorification
    Cultural cognition : the epistemic function of worldviews
    The cultural commodification of identity : hip-hop authenticity
    Cultural framing of diabetes from a public health perspective: a comparative content analysis
    Cultural interpretation of pictorial metaphor in global advertising imagery
    Cultural values mediate the effect of parenting styles on Mexican American adolescents' prosocial behaviors
    Cultural values reflected within Chinese children's stories
    Cultural values, emotions and information : a comparison of webpages from two culturally different countries
    Culturally conditioned privacy in online photosharing : a comparison between American and Chinese users of social network sites
    A culture of audience engagement in the news industry