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    The cable TV news industry at 30 years: time to change the model that changed broadcast news? [1]
    Un cajón vacío es inimaginable. efectos del poder y la censura en la cultura cubana del período de la revolución [1]
    Calculated versus measured static capacity for two pile types [1]
    Calculating information leakage using model checking tools [1]
    Calibration of VISSIM and QuickZone programs for work zone traffic impact analysis [1]
    Campus climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer undergraduate students at the University of Missouri : a qualitative study [1]
    A campus climate survey on diversity and inclusion: a factor analysis [1]
    Can 16-month-old infants make transitive inferences? [1]
    Can mindfulness meditation reduce the tendency to justify the status quo? [1]
    Can money buy health? : foreign aid, changes in aid, and the impact of human health in sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    Can public relations professionals help span the boundaries between scientists and journalists, and does this function help increase accuracy of news articles about public health? [1]
    Can sixteen month old infants make transitive inferences? [1]
    Can trust substitute for quality institutions to promote economic growth? [1]
    Can women really have it all? : a textual analysis of the portrayal of mothers in Good housekeeping, Woman's day, and Family circle [1]
    Canine pharmacodynamic assays: applications in immune-mediated disease [1]
    Canine T-regulatory cells in aging and cancer : quantifying a unique T cell subset [1]
    Canopy recruitment dynamics in naturally regenerated longleaf pine (pinus palustris) woodlands [1]
    Canopy sensing algorithm performance and modification using soil and weather information [1]
    Canopy spectral reflectance as an indirect selection tool for yield in wheat [1]
    The canvas as her stage : Emma Hamilton's use of her attitudes in portraiture [1]