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    A labor allocation model for zone order picking systems
    Laboratory load tests of side shear for axially loaded piles
    A laboratory method for the evaluation of iron ores for use in the steam-iron process for the production of hydrogen
    The Land Capability Potential Index: a decision support tool for the management of Missouri River floodplain habitat
    Land cover changes (1815 to 2007) in the central Missouri River Hills
    Land inheritance and gender : social factors affecting land inherited in rural Bangladesh
    Land of the American condition
    Land use effects on greenhouse gas production in lower Missouri River floodplain soils
    Landmine classification using possibilistic K-nearest neighbors with wideband electromagnetic induction data
    Landowner attitudes and perceptions of forest and wildlife management in rural northern Missouri
    Language modeling for automatic speech recognition in telehealth
    Laramide stress conditions and deformation mechanisms during the formation of Derby and Dallas Domes, Weiser Pass Quadrangle, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
    Laramide stress conditions and deformation mechanisms during the formation of Hudson and Dallas Domes, Lander Quadrangle, Wind River Mountains, Lander, Wyoming
    Large offspring syndrome, a bovine model for the human loss-of-imprinting overgrowth syndrome Beckwith-Wiedemann
    Large scale modeling of precipitation induced landslides
    Laser target triggering of gas switches
    The last line of defense: Journalism photo editors and mental health during times of trauma
    Lasting legacies : a framing analysis of religion news online and in legacy media
    The late choral works of Igor Stravinsky: a reception history
    Late-Medieval perception of abnormal behavior