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    Obesity: a growing concern about fetal nutrition [1]
    Object detection and classification using shape feature [1]
    Object detection with Kinect sensor [1]
    Object detection with large intra-class variation [1]
    Objects of affection [1]
    Observation of food safety behavioral practices in foodservice employees after training and examination [1]
    Observation one of the activities in the third grade of the University elementary school [1]
    Observed positive and negative behaviors in children: relation to anxiety and depression symptoms [1]
    Obsidian procurement in the Gallinas Mountains of west central New Mexico [1]
    Obsidian source frequencies as a social attribute at San Felipe Aztatan, Mexico [1]
    Occupancy modeling of ruffed grouse in the Black Hills National Forest [1]
    Occurrence and implicatons of biological network evolution following polyploidy [1]
    The occurrence of extreme monthly temperatures and precipitation in two global regions [1]
    Of ads and apps: the influence of advertising on user attitudes toward tablet newspapers [1]
    Of mice and men: can MMP-9 be a biomarker and a potential target for treatment after traumatic brain injury? [1]
    Off grid solar system for profitable energy source in Missouri [1]
    The old French diphthong ẹi : its development dialectally and in the literary language down to modern times [1]
    Omission of the central action in the English and Scottish popular ballads [1]
    On finite groups with special reference to Klein's Ikosaeder [1]
    On integrals over sets of points [1]