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    A qualitative analysis of strengths and liabilities of former journalists in public relations roles [1]
    Qualitative analysis of the impact of a mass shooting on a broadcast journalist [1]
    A qualitative case study into the Toronto Star's electronic newspaper and its impact on newsroom practices and journalists [1]
    A qualitative exploration of Latino immigrant integration in the rural Midwest : long-term resident and immigrant perspectives [1]
    A qualitative study of factual correction requests for corporate reputation management [1]
    Quality characteristics of ground round formulated with three fat sources [1]
    Quantification and characterization of the antitumoral agent taccalonolides isolated from black bat flower (tacca chantrieri) in Indonesia [1]
    Quantification of cell attachment on different materials as candidate electrodes for measurement of quantal exocytosis [1]
    Quantification of wine fault markers and their relation with risk factors [1]
    Quantifying bottomland hardwood forest and agricultural grassland evapotranspiration in floodplain reaches of a mid Missouri stream [1]
    Quantifying error in vegetation mapping [1]
    Quantifying evaporation of precipitation below the cloud base using a vertically pointing radar [1]
    Quantifying microclimate heterogeneity within a contemporary plant growth facility [1]
    Quantifying neonicotinoid concentrations in Missouri wetlands, their driving factors, and the potential effects on the reliant avian community [1]
    Quantifying riparian canopy energy attenuation and stream temperature using an energy balance approach [1]
    Quantifying stream bank erosion and deposition rates in a central U.S. urban watershed [1]
    Quantifying suspended sediment loading in a mid-Missouri urban watershed using laser particle diffraction [1]
    Quantifying the effect of local shelter on tree growth patterns within upper treeline ecotones in the Bighorn Mountans of Wyoming. [1]
    Quantifying the effects of insectary plants on the abundance of natural enemies : implications for controlling insect pests in an organic cabbage eco-system [1]
    Quantifying urban stormwater suspended sediment particle size class distribution in the central U.S. [1]