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  • Asymptotic properties of deep water solitary waves with compactly supported vorticity 

    Sinambela, Daniel (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] In this thesis, we consider two-and three-dimensional gravity and capillary-gravity solitary waves propagating along the surface of a body of water ...
  • A collection of graphs to accompany certain topics in the study of function theory of a real variable 

    Eversole, Ruth (University of Missouri, 1913)
    In Part I of this paper, I have dealt with only well-known properties of functions - treating them from the graphic standpoint entirely and referring the reader, to the best authorities I could find, for the Algebraic ...
  • Conditionally convergent vector series 

    McIntire, Harry W. (University of Missouri, 1914)
    In this paper we propose to study the behavior of series of complex numbers, or of vectors in two dimensions; and to generalize this study to the case of vectors in n dimensions. The particular properties to be studied are ...
  • Conformal mappings and the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation 

    Heinen, Rebecca (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2017)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Let ? be an open and connected set in the complex plane. A mapping f : ? ? C is said to be conformal at a point z0 if it preserves angles and orientation ...
  • Convergence of an infinite series 

    Hamlin, Truman Leigh (University of Missouri, 1902)
    This thesis gives some of the more important tests for the convergence of an infinite series; also the conditions that must be fulfilled in order that certain operations and transformations may be applied to an infinite series.
  • Convergence of infinite series 

    Moore, Carl Manford (University of Missouri, 1900)
    We shall define an infinite series as a succession of series formed after sum definite law. Most generally the series are actual numbers or are at least regarded as constraints, and we are concerned with their sum. There ...
  • Counting theorems and inverse function theorems for analytic functions 

    Delibas, Hakan (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2017)
    In this master's thesis, we discuss the counting and Rouche's theorems. These theorems are used to find the roots of complex analytic functions.Also, we investigate the existence of the inverse function of an analytic ...
  • Definition of improper groups by means of axioms : a dissertation 

    Hurwitz, Wallie Abraham, 1886-1958 (University of Missouri, 1906)
    Essentially, a group is an associative field, in which the inverse combinations are uniquely possible. This is a concise statement of the classical definition of a group. The conditions which it connotes will be used here ...
  • Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography 

    Pemberton, Michael Paul, 1983- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    In 1985, Koblitz and Miller proposed elliptic curves to be used for public key cryptosystems. This present thesis examines the role of elliptic curves on cryptography and basic problems involving implementation and security ...
  • Erdős distance problem in the hyperbolic half-plane 

    Senger, Steven, 1982- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    The Erd̋os distance problem asks for the minimum number of distinct distances determined by large finite point sets in the plane. The aim of this work is to investigate how the classical techniques employed in the study ...
  • Errors in graphical methods 

    Bruton, Fred David (University of Missouri, 1914)
    The author suggests methods for determining errors in graphical computations and discusses errors in the graphical methods in the infinitesimal calculus.
  • An extension of Green's theorem with application 

    Judd, Kristin N. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2008)
    The main result of this thesis is a generalization of Green's Theorem. Green' s Theorem states: If Omega is an open subset of R[logical and]2 containing a compact subset K with smooth boundary. Let P and Q be two real ...
  • Foundations of geometry 

    Gladney, Andrew Gaston (University of Missouri, 1901)
    Geometry has been called the science of in-direct measurement, and as such is founded on certain definitions, postulates, and some assumptions or axioms which are said to be self-evident. It is a physical science idealized. ...
  • Generalizations of theorems from the Theory of Functions 

    Spalding, Julia (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Text from introduction: "Practically all of the text books and lectures on the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable treat only those functions which have a derivative in every point of some given region. This derivative ...
  • Geometry of four dimensions 

    Ingold, Louis, b. 1872 (University of Missouri, 1902)
    In this thesis a brief outline of Four Dimensional Geometry, as far as the classification of quadrics, is attempted.
  • Groupoids and semigroupoids 

    Vasko, Maria (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] The theory of semigroupoids and groupoids makes the transition between arbitrary sets and groups. The usefulness of developing theory stems from various ...
  • Harmonic functions and the Dirichlet problem 

    Mayfield, Caleb James (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2017)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Let ? be an open and connected subset of the complex plane. A real valued function u : ? ? R is said to be harmonic if it has continuous first and ...
  • The implicit function theorem for Lipschitz functions and applications 

    Wuertz, Michael (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2008)
    The subject matter of this thesis is the classical Implicit Function Theorem and its generalizations. Dictated by practical applications, it is of interest to relax the hypothesis of the standard Implicit Function Theorem ...
  • Incorporation of directionally dependent diffusion with polymer composite flow theory 

    Jack, David Abram, 1977- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2006)
    The extensive industrial use of short-fiber reinforced polymer composites demands an accurate understanding of fiber orientation kinematics. There is a growing concern in recent literature with the popular Folgar and Tucker ...
  • Integration by parts formulas for higher order operators and applications to boundary value problems 

    Essner, Kayla (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Green formulas for differential operators are important tools in the study of Partial Differential Equations. The first such formula, published in 1828, ...