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    1,5-hydride shift of alkenyl sulfoximine/[4+3] cycloaddition and ring opening/novel hydrazine synthesis from Tröger's base analogues [1]
    A 10-year linear gender-equity and salary-trend study among Missouri superintendents : a glance a Missouri superintendents' pathway to the superintendency [1]
    3D analysis of hip joint mobility and the evolution of locomotor abilities in miocene hominoids [1]
    3D scene description and construction using spatial referencing language [1]
    Abuse and Pregnancy: Exploring Factors That May Contribute to Birthweight Disparities [1]
    Academic advising at a distance : a case study where no face to face interactions occur [1]
    Academic motivation, mathematics achievement, and the school context: building achievement models using TIMSS 2003 [1]
    Accelerating development of simulation-based medical skill training programs : a comparative evaluation research study [1]
    Accredited Athletic Training Clinical Experience: Are We Adequately Preparing Our Students? [1]
    An acoustic fall detection system using beamforming, source separation and Kinect [1]
    Action research investigation into teaming in one school district [1]
    Active labeling in deep learning and its application to emotion prediction [1]
    Adapting multisystemic therapy for disruptive behavior problems in youth with autism spectrum disorder : [1]
    Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array [1]
    Adaptive clustering and transmission range adjustment for topology control in wireless sensor networks [1]
    Adaptive optimal designs for dose-finding studies and an adaptive multivariate CUSUM control chart [1]
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm [1]
    Advanced delivery techniques for static and moving targets [1]
    Affirming whiteness: a critical discourse analysis of the affirmative action debate in the Fisher case [1]
    African American women in public higher education administrative leadership in the state of Missouri: perspectives on a half century of progress [1]