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    1,5-hydride shift of alkenyl sulfoximine/[4+3] cycloaddition and ring opening/novel hydrazine synthesis from Tröger's base analogues
    A 10-year linear gender-equity and salary-trend study among Missouri superintendents : a glance a Missouri superintendents' pathway to the superintendency
    2,1-Benzothiazines: preparation and reactivity
    The 2004 presidential election between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry: an analysis of visually comparative televised advertisements
    3D analysis of hip joint mobility and the evolution of locomotor abilities in miocene hominoids
    3D scene description and construction using spatial referencing language
    5S: a workplace case study
    Abiding in the fields: pastoral care and society in late antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England
    Absences as causes: a defense of negative causation
    The absolute functional calculus for sectorial operators
    Abuse and Pregnancy: Exploring Factors That May Contribute to Birthweight Disparities
    Academic advising at a distance : a case study where no face to face interactions occur
    Academic advising in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: an investigation of undergraduate students' needs and faculty performance
    Academic motivation, mathematics achievement, and the school context: building achievement models using TIMSS 2003
    Accelerating development of simulation-based medical skill training programs : a comparative evaluation research study
    Accessibility and Inclusion in Health Professions Education: Perceptions and Experiences of Disabled College Students
    Accredited Athletic Training Clinical Experience: Are We Adequately Preparing Our Students?
    Accrual persistence and accrual anomaly
    Achieving a coherent curriculum in second grade: science as the organizer
    An acoustic fall detection system using beamforming, source separation and Kinect