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    2D and 3D modeling of the Laramide fold geometry of Derby Dome and its en echelon interchange with Dallas Dome, southern Wind River Basin, Wyoming [1]
    Accelerated fill-up of the Arbuckle Group aquifer and links to U.S. midcontinent seismicity [1]
    Active deformation of the South Granite Mountain Fault System : reactivated compressional faults vs. extensional overprinting [1]
    Analysis of quaternary faults and associated deformation of sedimentary basin fill : inner continental borderland of southern California [1]
    Analysis of the interchange between en echelon basin-margin Laramide folds adjacent to the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming [1]
    Anisotropy and mantle flow of the Indo-Burma subduction zone from shear wave splitting and shear wave splitting tomography [1]
    Another one bites the host : driving forces of increased complex life-cycle parasite traces during the Holocene as affected by sea-level rise in Northern Adriatic, Po Plain Basin [1]
    Application of remote sensing techniques to determine the kinematics of the Bull Lake Creek landslide, Wind River Mountains, Wyoming [1]
    Assessing soft tissue preservation in a variety of saline Environments through actualistic decay experiments and an isotopic assessment of pyritized plant fossils from the Mazon Creek, IL [1]
    Assessment of environmental variables and anthropogenic impacts on shallow marine bivalves [1]
    Assessment of the CO2 sequestration potential of the Morrow-B Sandstone in the Farnsworth Unit, Northern Texas through numerical modeling and laboratory batch reaction experiments [1]
    Atrazine transport through a glacial till aquifer in north-central Missouri [1]
    Atypical MVT, Zn-Cu-rich mineralization in the lower portion of the Bonneterre Dolomite, Viburnum Trend, southeast Missouri, U.S.A. [1]
    Atypical planetary lavas: rheological evolution of cooling and crystallizing flows from lunar impact melts and cryovolcanic processes [1]
    Biomineralizers from the proterozoic to today : assessing taxonomy and paleoecology through the lens of taphonomy [1]
    Biotic interactions in the fossil record: an investigation on the patterns of predation and parasitism of Plio-Pleistocene bivalves from the Nashua Formation of Florida [1]
    Bulk oxygen and carbon isotopic variation in the Late Cretaceous along with morphometric analysis of biserial planktonic foraminifera [1]
    Changes in stable carbon isotopes of methane along a salinity gradient in a hypersaline microbial mat system [1]
    Characterization of Corning EPMA Standard Glasses 95IRV, 95IRW, and 95IRX [1]
    Characterizing the relative timing and conditions of gold and base-metal deposition in the northern part of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada [1]