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    Roadway effects on the hydrologic regime of temporary wetlands in the Missouri River floodplain in Missouri
    Role of P2Y₂ nucleotide receptors in reactive astrogliosis
    Simulation and experimental study of the multichanneling rimfire gas switch
    Sixteen valence-electron species containing boron: structural diversity abounds
    Social skills and siblings in India
    Soybean seed components as affected by nodal position, environmental conditions, and irrigation
    The Spoon Toe Site (11MG179): Middle Woodland gardening in the lower Illinois River Valley
    Staging approaches to reduce overall cost in a crossdock environment
    Stoic rationalism
    Synthesis of ordered nanoenergetic composites
    A system for access and administration of fault-tolerant web services
    Teaching interns' level of proficiency of the MoSTEP quality indicators at the beginning and completion of the teaching internship
    Theoretical investigation of a laser triggered spark gap
    Thundering out of the shadow: modernism and identity in the novels of Felipe Alfau
    Time and space as artistic conventions in Chekhov and Dostoyevsky
    Toward a common market in residency: international migration and regional integration
    Utilizing on-line surveys to gather data: an application to help evaluate Missouri's interpretive programs
    Validating Missouri landtype associations using tree species composition, forest structure, and productivity
    Visualizing biochemical networks with Netview
    What's the quality of breast cancer information you read online?: a comparative analysis of breast cancer information quality in commercial vs. nonprofit websites