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    Design of a single sided linear induction motor (SLIM) using a user interactive computer program
    Design of distribution channel: direct sale vs. mixed sale
    Design of learning objects to support constructivist learning environments
    Desperately seeking mentors: the impact of department-level and gender related characteristics on mentoring in graduate department of sociology
    Determining the relations between canine crown height and root basal diameters and root length: implications for the hominin fossil record
    Developing neural network applications using LabVIEW
    Development and implementation of an underwater system for interface wave measurements
    Development of a FRET biosensor to detect the pathogen mycoplasma capricolum
    Development of curriculum materials to teach American children about the culture of Taiwan through Taiwanese children's songs
    DiffServ overlay multicast for videoconferencing
    Disease as drama: dramatistic constructs and models of redemption in covering illness in Glamour magazine
    Distribution and abundance of anurans in southeast Missouri
    Drug resistance in D. discoideum: isolation of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide resistant mutants
    Effect of dry matter intake restriction on energy balance, ruminal fermentation, and nutrient retention by beef steers
    The effect of free fatty acids on endothelial cells
    Effects of continous administration of low-dose of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide in chicks and poults fed non toxic doses of aflatoxin B1 and T-2 toxin
    Effects of even-aged forest management on early successional bird species in Missouri Ozark forest
    The effects of online content structure on attention & memory: exploring optimal structure for news on corporate web sites
    Effects of treprostinil sodium in a monocrotaline-induced rat model of pulmonary hypertension
    The elite press, the Bush administration, and Iraq: ideology confines scrutiny in the Post and the Times