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    Optimization of charge collection efficiency in MSM photodetector
    Overseeding annual ryegrass and cereal rye into soybean for winter forage and as a cover crop for weed control and soil conservation
    Paying attention to binding: is the associative deficit of older adults mediated by reduced attentional resources?
    Perceptions of agricultural education instructions regarding program criteria of supervised agricultural experience
    Performance analysis of high power photoconductive switch at elevated temperature
    Performance evaluation of a low cost processor with wireless connectivity
    Polyols made from vegetable oil and their applications
    Pottery: art as relationship
    Press coverage of lynchings in Missouri : an analysis of the newspaper coverage of black and white lynchings between 1882 and 1942
    Public perception of the effectiveness of public input in the parks and recreation planning process at the Boone County fairgrounds
    Puffing of okara/rice blends using a rice cake machine
    Roadway effects on the hydrologic regime of temporary wetlands in the Missouri River floodplain in Missouri
    Role of P2Y₂ nucleotide receptors in reactive astrogliosis
    Simulation and experimental study of the multichanneling rimfire gas switch
    Sixteen valence-electron species containing boron: structural diversity abounds
    Social skills and siblings in India
    Soybean seed components as affected by nodal position, environmental conditions, and irrigation
    The Spoon Toe Site (11MG179): Middle Woodland gardening in the lower Illinois River Valley
    Staging approaches to reduce overall cost in a crossdock environment
    Stoic rationalism