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    Analysis of the enzymatic network [1]
    An application of machine learning techniques to interactive, constraint-based search [1]
    Automated building footprint extraction from high resolution LIDAR DEM imagery [1]
    Charge collection mechanisms in a sub-micron grated MSM photodector: field analysis [1]
    Design of a single sided linear induction motor (SLIM) using a user interactive computer program [1]
    Design of learning objects to support constructivist learning environments [1]
    Developing neural network applications using LabVIEW [1]
    DiffServ overlay multicast for videoconferencing [1]
    Estimating reliability under a generalizability theory model for writing scores in C-base [1]
    A fast, 3 MV Marx generator for megavolt oil switch testing and integrated Abramyan network design [1]
    Investigation and characterization of a high energy piezoelectric pulse [1]
    Investigation of the accuracy of Grover's method when solving for the mutual inductance of two single-layer coaxial coils [1]
    Language modeling for automatic speech recognition in telehealth [1]
    Mobile speed estimation for hierarchical wireless network [1]
    Optimization of charge collection efficiency in MSM photodetector [1]
    Performance analysis of high power photoconductive switch at elevated temperature [1]
    Performance evaluation of a low cost processor with wireless connectivity [1]
    Simulation and experimental study of the multichanneling rimfire gas switch [1]
    Synthesis of ordered nanoenergetic composites [1]
    A system for access and administration of fault-tolerant web services [1]