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    Exploratory development of VARIM process for manufacturing high temperature polymer matrix composites [1]
    Exploring the relation between social anxiety and depression in youth: the roles of friendship and peer acceptance [1]
    Eye-tracking investigations of lexical ambiguity [1]
    Finite element analysis of residual stress generation during spot welding and its affect on fatigue behavior of spot welded joints [1]
    Flourescent molecular rotors as mechanosensors in biofluids [1]
    Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis disease resistance gene RPS4 [1]
    GABP regulation of the murine GABPa/ATPsynthase coupling factor six and human glutathione reductase promoters [1]
    Home schooling in the Show-me-State: a preliminary study of perceptions and academic performance [1]
    Human factors, automation, and alerting mechanisms in nursing home electronic health records [1]
    Impact of social competence as protective factor for violence resiliency [1]
    In the silence of her friends: a case study of the intersection of gender, race, age, and leadership in the dismissal of a public school superintendent [1]
    The influence of developing a web-based course on university professor classroom instructional techniques as measured by the MTQ [1]
    Influence of economic restructuring on rural Missouri high school dropout rates [1]
    Influence of racial identity and information processing strategies on client conceptualization [1]
    Influences of anxiety on golf performance: a field test of catastrophe theory [1]
    The innate immune response and toll-like receptors in the human endometrium [1]
    Interactions of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus with innate immune responses [1]
    Investigation of a spatial optical pulse collection system in the all-optical analog-to-digital converter [1]
    The investment horizon issue in user-owned organizations [1]
    Killing them with kindness: a meso-dialectical study of the conceptual formation of humane and inhumane in the no-kill animal shelter movement [1]