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    Neutron diffraction study of load response and residual stresses in WC-(Ni/Co) composites [1]
    Numerical investigation of load transfer mechanisms in slopes reinforced with piles [1]
    On the spectra of Schrödinger and Jacobi operators with complex-valued quasi-periodic algebro-geometric coefficients [1]
    Optimum receiver design and performance analysis for wireless communication [1]
    P2Y2 nucleotide receptor up-regulation and function in submandibular gland epithelium [1]
    P2Y[subscript 2] nucleotide receptor up-regulation and function in submandibular gland epithelium [1]
    Parent/child distal relationships: a look at communication used before, during, and after a parental absence [1]
    Personality type as a predictor of interaction between student teachers and cooperating teachers [1]
    Physical inactivity induced dysregulation of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue metabolism [1]
    The poisson problem on Lipschitz domains [1]
    The portfolio problem in agricultural cooperatives: an integrated framework [1]
    Pressure dependence of the luminescence and Raman modes in polyfluorene [1]
    Quorum sensing in soft-rotting Erwinia carotovora [1]
    The real banality of evil [1]
    Real-time speaker-independent large vocabulary continuous speech recoginition [1]
    The relations of violence exposure, trauma symptoms and aggressive cognitions to youth violent behavior [1]
    Religious involvement, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and preferences for alternative mental health settings [1]
    Resource selection, movement patterns, and survival of post-fledging grassland birds in Missouri [1]
    The role of middle leaders in fostering organizational learning in a state cooperative extension service [1]
    The role of the AP-1 adaptor complex in trafficking between the trans-Golgi Network and endosomal system [1]