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    Effect of problem-based learning on critical thinking ability and content knowledge of secondary agriculture students
    The effects of animated agents with verbal audio on mathematics comprehension and attitudes towards mathematics and computers
    Effects of forest fragmentation on reproductive effort and productivity of Indigo buntings (Passerina cyanea)
    Effects of ischemic metabolites and chronic exercise on cardiac myocyte function
    The effects of media framing of political conflicts on party identification and political participation
    The emotional and cognitive processing of negative news photographs
    Emotional labor in early intervention
    Energy metabolism and uranium (VI) reduction by Desulfovibrio
    Evaluation of soy hulls as the principal ingredient in a beef cattle receiving ration
    Evaluation of the Private Forestland Ownership Paracelization and its effects on the forest landscape in the southeastern Missouri Ozarks
    Examining secondary students algebraic reasoning: flexibility and strategy use
    The experience of men who were managing symptoms of COPD
    Experimental study of localization in sensor networks and design of adaptive localization algorithms
    Exploratory development of VARIM process for manufacturing high temperature polymer matrix composites
    Exploring the relation between social anxiety and depression in youth: the roles of friendship and peer acceptance
    Eye-tracking investigations of lexical ambiguity
    Finite element analysis of residual stress generation during spot welding and its affect on fatigue behavior of spot welded joints
    Flourescent molecular rotors as mechanosensors in biofluids
    Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis disease resistance gene RPS4
    GABP regulation of the murine GABPa/ATPsynthase coupling factor six and human glutathione reductase promoters