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    The role of the AP-1 adaptor complex in trafficking between the trans-Golgi Network and endosomal system [1]
    S-RNase proteins: functional studies of the 120kDa glycoprotein and SRNase oligomerization [1]
    Small newspapers, big changes: awareness of market-driven journalism and consequences for community newspapers [1]
    Source localization using TDOA with erroneous receiver positions [1]
    Spatially explicit and stochastic forest landscape model of fire disturbance and succession [1]
    Structural studies of PMM/PGM from Pseudomonas aeruginosa [1]
    A study on the trade-off between supervision and wages: an empirical test of efficiency wage theory [1]
    Teacher collaboration and school reform: distributing leadership through the use of professional learning teams [1]
    Teacher perceived impact of technology on elementary classrooms and teaching [1]
    Testing for a synergistic effect between online publicity and advertising in an integrated marketing communications context [1]
    A theoretical model of piano sightplaying components [1]
    Theory of lattice effects on magnetic interactions in solids [1]
    Theory of the two-dimensional airy electron gas: Hartee-Fock and density-functional studies [1]
    Traditional institutions, authortarian [sic] legacies, and democratic support in southern Africa [1]
    Transport, network, and data link layer protocol designs to improve geo-stationary Earth orbit satellite data set transmission performance [1]
    Understanding students' technology appropriation and learning perceptions in online learning environments [1]
    Using animated graphics as a teaching tool in patternmaking: a comparison of delivery methods [1]
    Using attitutudes and motivations to segment the landowner audience: a typology of family forest owners in the Missouri Ozarks and description of management and information behaviors [1]
    Vocal agility in the male adolescent changing voice [1]
    What's the big deal?: the effect of corporate reforms on manufacturing productivity in Korea [1]