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    The absolute functional calculus for sectorial operators
    Alkene-oxo and alkene-alkene coupling on Pt(II)
    Amphibian metamorphosis and juvenile terrestrial performance following chronic cadmium exposure in the aquatic environment
    Analysis and modeling of direct selective laser sintering of two-component metal powders
    Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans rpc-1 gene
    Anion and solvent influences on the self-assembly of copper(I) coordination solids
    An assessment of the cognitive behavior exhibited by secondary agriculture teachers
    The assimilation of in-laws: the impact of newcomers on the structuration of families
    Automatic extraction of man-made objects from high-resolution satellite imagery by information fusion
    Bayesian analysis of hierarchical IRT models: comparing and combining the unidimensional & multi-unidimensional IRT models
    Beautiful choral tone quality rehearsal techniques of a director
    The beautiful woman in medieval Iberia: rhetoric, cosmetics, and evolution
    Bioinformatics of protein bound water
    Blackbody temperature calculations from visible and newa-IR spectra for gas-fired furnaces
    Broadband beamforming and direction finding using concentric ring array
    Channel modeling, estimation and equalization in wireless communication
    Characterization of peptides and phage that bind galectin-3 selected from bacteriophage display libraries: a study of the role of galectin-3 in metastasis-associated cancer cell adhesion
    Comparing two comprehensive reform models: their effect on student reading achievement
    A context-aware notification framework for developers of computer supported collaborative environments
    Counselor's multicultural competencies: from gender and ethnicity perspectives