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    Bayesian analysis of multivariate stochastic volatility and dynamic models
    Bayesian semiparametric spatial and joint spatio-temporal modeling
    Bayesian spatial data analysis with application to the Missouri Ozark forest ecosystem project
    A behavior genetic study of self-harm, suicidality, and personality in white and African-American women
    The benefits of partnering with the University of Missouri Telecenter Network
    Body image dissatisfaction of college women: potential risk and protective factors
    Building a media agenda on health disparities: how issue perceptions and news values work to influence effectiveness
    Capturing and assessing conceptual change in problem solving
    Career counselor's assessment of client problems: toward the development of a career development problem taxonomy for women
    A case study of fifth grade social studies curriculum for inclusion of multicultural education
    Catalytic conversion of glycerol and sugar alcohols to value-added products
    Catalytic conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol: synthesis and technology assessment
    Causes of comorbidity among internalizing disorders of childhood and adolescence: the roles of neuroticisim, genes and environment
    Centromere function and evolution in maize (Zea mays)
    The changing face of American theatre: colorblind and uni-racial casting at the New York Shakespeare Festival under the direction of Joseph Papp
    Chinese decision-making in reponse to foreign policy crises, 1949-1996: A poliheuristic analysis
    The cognitive and affective outcomes of a cultural diversity in business course in higher education
    A comparative study of relationships between supervisory leadership styles and high school teachers' job satisfaction and commitment in China and the United States
    Complex and almost-complex structures on six dimensional manifolds
    Conflict positioning in crisis communication: integrating contingency stance with image repair strategies