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    The nature of talk in a kindergarten classroom: examining read aloud, guided reading, and literature discussion [1]
    New equity issues, share repurchases, and the predictability of aggregate stock returns: an international perspective [1]
    Nonlinear mechanics and testing of highly flexible one-dimensional structures using a camera-based motion analysis system [1]
    Nonparametric and semiparametric methods for interval-censored failure time data [1]
    A novel PCR based DNA microanalyzer system for detection of viral genome [1]
    Opto-electronic class AB microwave power amplifier using photoconductive switch technology [1]
    Ordination [1]
    Organization of brain and spinal cord locomotor networks in larval lamprey [1]
    Organizational citizenship behavior as a measure of performance in sport: relationships with leadership, team cohesion, and athlete satisfaction [1]
    Parabolic layer potentials and initial boundary value problems in Lipschitz cylinders with data in Besov spaces [1]
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment [1]
    Pencil or pen: the permanence of the writing center on the accountability watermark [1]
    Penetration of innovation: taming the unexplored interactions between information, knowledge and persuasion in the innovation-decision model [1]
    Perceptions of STARR (Select Teachers as Regional Resources) teachers concerning their professional development experience [1]
    Period traveling salesman with customer stratification [1]
    Physical mechanisms of cell rearrangements: from tissue liquidity to artificial organ structures [1]
    Physiologic and metabolic interactions in the soybean/bradyrhizobium japonicum symbiosis [1]
    Pictures and pixels: digital photographic archives at newspapers, photographic agencies and libraries [1]
    Place advocacy at Snowshoe Mountain Resort: a case study of a destination ski resort [1]
    A plasma polymerization investigation and low temperature cascade arc plasma for polymeric surface modification [1]