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    Ecological conditions of secondary sexual dimorphism in salix glauca: fundamental and realized dimorphic niche [1]
    Economic voting in new democracies [1]
    Effect of study abroad on intercultural sensitivity [1]
    The effectiveness of the practice of correction and republication of the biomedical literature: a bibliometric analysis [1]
    The effects of a technology-supported training system on second language use strategies for international teaching assistants [1]
    The effects of elevated temperature on preimplantation-stage porcine embryos [1]
    Effects of fescue toxicosis and chronic heat stress on murine hepatic gene expression [1]
    The effects of scale and information distribution on group decision-making processes and outcomes [1]
    Employability skills and students' self-perceived competence for careers in hospitality industry [1]
    Endocrinology of equine metabolic pathophysiology [1]
    Enhancing the IKE preshared key authentication method [1]
    Enterobactin export in escherichia coli via P43 (ents) and associated components [1]
    Essays on closed-end funds: internal versus external management and insider trading [1]
    Essays on improving sales performance [1]
    An examination of the relationship between teacher characteristics, socioeconomic factors and statewide test performance of students with individual education plans [1]
    The experience of rural children whose daily lives are limited by asthma [1]
    An experimental investigation of low temperature plasma sterilization, treatment, and polymerization processes [1]
    Expressive writing, relationships, and health [1]
    Fault evolution and earthquakes: a finite element study [1]
    Firm strategy and knowledge management in strategic supply chain relationships: a knowledge-based view [1]