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    Reference frames and equations of motion in the first PPN approximation of scaler-tensor and vector-tensor theories of gravity [1]
    The relationship between mitochondria and residual feed intake in feedlot cattle [1]
    Relationship between participation in a residentially-based freshman interest group and degree attainment [1]
    The relationship between principal leadership skills and school-wide positive behavior support: an exploratory study [1]
    The relationship between secondary school teacher perception of student motivation and the effects of teacher professional development on student motivation [1]
    The relationship between the emotional competence andthe [sic] leadership effectiveness of hall directors [1]
    Resilience among elementary educators as measured by the personal and organizational quality assessment-revised and the emotional quotient inventory: short [1]
    Rhizobacteria associated with glyphosate-resistant soybean (Glycine Max) [1]
    The role of genetic background on the phenotypic severity of the osteogensis imperfecta murine (oim) COLIA2 gene mutation throughout postnatal development [1]
    The role of macrophages and anti-viral antibodies in West Nile virus pathogenesis [1]
    Role of Proa(2)I collagen chains and collagen crosslinking in thoracic aortic biochemical integrity during aging using the OIM mouse model [1]
    The role of the giant Canada goose (Branta canadensis maxima) cecum in nutrition [1]
    The roles of parents and friends as information sources regarding children's and adolescents' adjustment [1]
    Sellars and Socrates: an investigation of the Sellars problem for a Socratic epistemology [1]
    Sensory analysis of low fat strawberry ice creams prepared with different flavor chemicals and fat mimetics [1]
    Sensory integration during blood loss in conscious rabbits [1]
    A series of in vitro studies investigating the role of lactoferrin in calf innate immunity [1]
    Servant-leadership in county jails: an examination of prisoners, faith-based volunteers, and jail administrators [1]
    Sharp estimates of the transmission boundary value problem for dirac operators on non-smooth domains [1]
    Silicon carbide as a photoconductive switch material for high power applications [1]