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    An ecological study of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) in the Missouri Ozark Highlands: effects of herbivory and harvest, ecological characterization and wild simulated cultivation
    The effect of environment on seed composition of tofu and natto soybean cultivars
    Effect of plagioclase crystallization on liquid and magma viscosity in the Anorthite-diopside-dorsterite-quartz system
    The effects of axotomy on the biophysical properties of reticulospinal neurons in larval lamprey
    The effects of consumers' online shopping goals and their characteristics on perceived interactivity and shopping behaviors
    The effects of supplemental anionic salts & yeast culture on the production of dairy cattle during the periparturient period
    The effects of visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on adjustment to bereavement
    Elemental concentration changes in soil and stockpiled tall fescue leaves after liming
    An environmental assessment of sensor-based variable-rate nitrogen management in corn
    Equilibrium limitations and selectivity on conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol
    Evaluation of fecal glucocorticoid metabolite assays for short-term stressors and validation for stress monitoring in African herbivores
    Evaluation of prestress losses in an innovative prestressed precast pavement system
    Evaluation of the efficacy of high levels of microbial phytase in broilers
    The evolution of a beat: a case study of changes in environmental reporting from the 1970's to today as evident in coverage of three disastrous oil spills
    Experimental investigation of nanofluid oscillating heat pipes
    Factors influencing the college choice of African-American students admitted to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural resources
    A fault detection scheme for modeled and unmodeled faults in a simple hydraulic actuator system using an extended Kalman filter
    Ferns as a forest farming crop: effects of light levels on growth and frond quality of selected speicies with potential in Missouri
    Field performance of instrumentation for monitoring effects of timber harvesting on water quality
    Fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope studies of high-grade quartz-scheelite veins at the Cantung Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada: products of a late-stage magmatic-hydrothermal event