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    Load transfer in micropiles for slope stabilization from tests of large-scale physical models [1]
    Macroinvertebrate and crayfish communities in the Meramec River drainage basin: an investigation at multiple spatial scales [1]
    Management alternatives for urea use in corn and wheat production [1]
    Matters of highest public interest and concern: New York Times Co. v. Sullivan and the continuing evolution of the commercial speech doctrine [1]
    Mechanism of induction of vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) in osteoarthritis [1]
    Mesoporous iron oxide energetic composites with slow burn rate, sustained pressure and reduced ESD sensitivity for propellant applications [1]
    Modeling the influence of climate and management practices on water quality in Goodwater Creek experimental watershed [1]
    Modeling, design and control of forced-feedback metering poppet valve system [1]
    Modern control design for a variable displacement hydraulic pump [1]
    Morphologic and histologic comparisons between in vivo and nuclear transfer derived porcine embryos [1]
    Net gains: potential citizen journalists use traditional media often and have a strong need for news [1]
    Non-destructive evaluation of wood utility poles using computed axial tomography imaging [1]
    Non-operator and farm operator landowner interest in agroforestry in Missouri [1]
    Now to war: a textual analysis of embedded print reporters in the second Iraq war [1]
    Obesity: a growing concern about fetal nutrition [1]
    On the astromineralogy of the 13 [mu]m feature in the spectra of oxygen-rich AGB stars [1]
    On the simulations of correlated nakagami-m fading channels using sum-of-sinusoids method [1]
    Organizational attachment of newspaper reporters: how professional sentiments come into play [1]
    Passenger satisfaction of interpretive programs: evaluation of the National Park Service and Amtrak partnership [1]
    Passive transfer of Mycoplasma bovis-specific antibodies in calves born to vaccinated dams [1]