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    Passenger satisfaction of interpretive programs: evaluation of the National Park Service and Amtrak partnership [1]
    Passive transfer of Mycoplasma bovis-specific antibodies in calves born to vaccinated dams [1]
    Perfectionism, self-discrepancy, and disordered eating in black and white women [1]
    Photoacoustic detection of metastatic melanoma in the human circulatory system [1]
    Phylogenetic characterization of canine distemper viruses detected in naturally infected North American dogs [1]
    Postconditioning manipulation of context associative strength on conditioned responding in conditioned taste aversion [1]
    Pre-harvest water quality of ephemeral streams in Missouri Ozark forests [1]
    "The presence of these families is the cause of the presence there of the guerrillas": the influence of Little Dixie households on the Civil War in Missouri [1]
    A quantitative performace measurement framework for health care systems [1]
    Quantitative trait loci mapping and candidate gene analysis for growth and carcass traits on two bovine chromosomes [1]
    Reaction of soybean cultivars to waterlogged soil [1]
    Real-time visualization of massive imagery and volumetric datasets [1]
    References and bias towards agriculture in a middle grade social science textbook [1]
    Reflective gazes: character and audience perception in Wycherley's the Plain Dealer [1]
    Regional patterns of presettlement forests in the Boston mountains of northwest Arkansas [1]
    Relation of Missouri river flows to sandbar morphology with implications for selected biota [1]
    Response of natural and artificial pin oak reproduction to mid- and understory removal in a bottomland hardwood forest [1]
    Rhenium complexes with O, N, S ligands [1]
    The rise and fall of fad diets: how the news media frame and represent the Atkins diet, 1972-2005 [1]
    River restoration in the upper Mississippi River Basin [1]