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    11[beta]-HSD[subscript 2] activity in an equine distal limb and thoracic wound model [1]
    Adaptive temporal difference learning of spatial memory in the water maze task [1]
    Adoption of organic farming systems in Missouri [1]
    Adsorption of isoxaflutole degradates to hydrous aluminum and iron oxides [1]
    Alcohol consumption, executive function and risky decision making [1]
    Algorithm for computation and visualization of weighted constrained Voronoi diagrams [1]
    Analysis and optimization of electroformed dendritic structures as enhanced heat transfer surfaces [1]
    Analysis of the average crop revenue election program, a representative farm approach [1]
    Applications of gel electrophoresis in quantum dot conjugates' separation and purification [1]
    Architecting the spatial enablement of a film location database for enhanced geographic analysis and query [1]
    Are structural changes in the agri-food sector causing the instability of parochial ag-producers? [1]
    The art of persuasion : critiquing China's new middle class by multi-perspective storytelling mode [1]
    Assessing the resolution effects of digital elevation models on automated floodplain delineation : a case study from the Camp Creek Watershed in Missouri [1]
    An assessment of inhibition in the Simon task [1]
    Association rule mining in cooperative research [1]
    Atmospheric effects on near-infrared free space optical communication links [1]
    An ATP/EMTP model for the study of both normal and abnormal substation equipment operation [1]
    Atrazine transport through a glacial till aquifer in north-central Missouri [1]
    Autonomy development and the influence of temperament [1]
    Banal : sculptural meditations on the unfamiliar [1]