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    A closer look at the rhetoric of rape
    Cognitive load and time based forgetting
    Commercial grain merchandisers : interest in professional development
    Comparisons between coverage of heart disease: content analysis of mainstream and black newspapers, 2004
    Concealed authorship on the eve of the revolution : pseudonymity and the American periodical public sphere, 1766-1776
    Condition assessment of carbon fiber composites using raman spectroscopy
    Constraints affecting adolescent girls' continued participation at resident camp
    Cooling system for micro scale food transport process
    Corrected above measure : indentured servants and domestic abuse in Maryland, 1650-1700
    Crisis, government performance and support for democracy
    Crossing the school house gates : a media access audit of public high schools
    Culture of sex: sexual linguistics and discourse of Cosmopolitan editions in the United States, France and India
    Defining the southern in Southern living
    Determination of trace elements levels in plasma from larvae in the course of baculoviral and bacterial infections by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
    Developing a stand density module in LANDIS to improve simulation realism of stand dynamics
    Developing, implementing, and assessing coupled-tank experiments in an undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum
    Development and application of vegetative buffer width modeling using geographic information systems
    Development of a post-traumatic osteoarthritis model to evaluate the effects of impact velocity and maximum strain on articular cartilage cell viability, matrix biomarkers, and material properties
    Do readers believe what they see? : reader acceptance of image manipulation
    Dopamine and emotion processing in schizotypal anhedonia