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    Sound off (or sound on): melodic repetition, sonic branding and interactive advertisements
    Staging Hitler myths
    Strategies to develop market access in the Bolivian highlands: two case studies for Chuño and Tunta
    The strength of weak ties in online social networks
    A study of internet use and its impact on individual level social capital indicators and motivation to volunteer
    A study of newspaper treatment of male and female political candidates
    A study of snark in news media
    A study of the abundance, diversity, and recruitment status of freshwater mussels in the Marais des Cygnes River, Kansas
    Study of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) method for characterization of deep soils in the Mississippi Embayment
    A study of the individual and organizational characteristics influencing event planner's perception on information content and channel choice
    Synthesis of rhenium complexes as models for new sigma receptor imaging agents
    A systematic framework to improve knowledge management through information technology
    A test of differential GPS correction methods at Fort Huachuca, Arizona
    Thermal-hydraulic optimization for high production of low-enriched uranium based molybdenum-99
    Thermal-mechanical analysis of targets for high volume production of molybdenum-99 using low-enriched uranium
    Three songs for unaccompanied choir
    Tourist motivation to use homestays in Thailand and their satisfaction based on the destination's cultural and heritage based attribute
    Type-1 and type-2 fuzzy systems for detecting visitors in an uncertain environment
    Understanding genomic evolution and segregation distortion in solanaceae: a COSII linkage map in Nicotiana
    Upper-class women reading celebrity news: audience reception study on celebrity news viewed through the lens of class