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    General purpose evolutionary algorithm testbed
    Gothic mutability: the flux of form and the creation of fear
    Grammar and cognitive processing of news articles: exploring dual-processing theories
    Guideline for implementing quality control and quality assurance for bridge inspection
    High throughput profiling of transcription factors involved in soybean root growth under water deficit
    Identification of novel breast carcinoma and melanoma avid peptides for imaging
    The impact of social identities on partisanship during a realignment period
    Implementation of a fuzzy rule-based decision support system for the immunohistochemical diagnosis of small B-cell lymphomas
    The impression of humor: Mary Cassatt and her rendering of wit
    Influence of herbicide applications and common pasture weeds on total forage yield and nutritive values in tall fescue pastures and hayfields in Missouri
    Investigating near-surface wind fields as influenced by low-level jet occurrences in Missouri
    An investigation into the contribution of the low-level jet (LLJ) to the available wind resource in Missouri
    Investigation of fanless PCs: design and optimization
    Is accuracy in fertility detection mediated by differences in the mate value of the rater and target?
    Is the Guru a feminist?: charismatic female leaders and gender roles in India
    The isolation of Western society from the revelations of nature
    Kinematic analysis of cam profiles used in compound bows
    Land cover changes (1815 to 2007) in the central Missouri River Hills
    Lifestyle, economy, and coverage: a companion between four daily newspapers before, during and after the economic collapse
    The little match girl