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    A quantitative content analysis of errors and inaccuracies in Missouri newspaper information graphics
    Reconsidering the paleorange of Fagus grandifolia
    Regulation of calcium signaling by p130PH in astrocytes
    Remembering and forgetting concurrently: new benefits of high working memory span
    Remote health monitoring for asset management
    Response of micropiles in earth slopes from large-scale physical model tests
    Response of raccoon spatial and social behavior to the presence of an experimentally clumped food resource
    Resveratrol and procyanidin content in select Missouri red wines
    The root of all evil?: the Mandrake myth in German literature from 1673 to 1913
    Roth and war: two cases
    Searching for satisfaction: how 20something women use media to get news and advertising information
    Seismic anisotropy beneath the southern Puna Plateau
    Self concept screening: a predictor to depression
    Sex on the rebound: motivations for sex and sexual experiences following a relationship breakup
    She's the four-leaf clover in the city Katrina turned over: the historical Sister Gertrude Morgan and her post-Hurricane Katrina specters
    Signal processing techniques for nonlinearity identification of structures using transient response
    The social and cultural aspects of paddlefish snaggers at the Lake of the Ozarks
    Social perceptions of speech: a study of student awareness of standard American English and one rural Missouri variant
    Social perspective-taking in the friendships of adolescents: implications for friendship quality and emotional adjustment
    Sound off (or sound on): melodic repetition, sonic branding and interactive advertisements