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    Kinematic analysis of cam profiles used in compound bows [1]
    Land cover changes (1815 to 2007) in the central Missouri River Hills [1]
    Lifestyle, economy, and coverage: a companion between four daily newspapers before, during and after the economic collapse [1]
    The little match girl [1]
    Logistic modeling of a biomass utilization system [1]
    Long-term sensing system for bridge piers [1]
    A mediation model of the impact of for- and non-profit environmental advertising [1]
    Messages of frugality and consumption in the Ladies' Home Journal: 1920s-1940s [1]
    Metabolic responses to a high fat diet in skeletal muscle of rats bred for high or low endurance running capacities [1]
    METPRO: a case study in diversity and newspaper economics [1]
    Mitochondrial ancient DNA analysis of Lawson cave black bears (Ursus americanus) [1]
    MizzouSMP [1]
    Modeling, verification, optimal design of nonlinear valve spring [1]
    Monuments to water and air systems [1]
    Mood and urgency effects on activation of alcohol cognitions [1]
    Moving up or moving out: new job demands, ability to cope and burnout among television news producers and executive producers [1]
    Multi-source ontology-based maize phenotype search engine [1]
    Newspaper circulation scandals: testing a new dimension of media credibility [1]
    Newspaper management training and attitudes: a survey of managing editors and human resource directors on management training and attitudes toward management in newspapers [1]
    Noble virtues and rich chaines: patronage in the poetry of Amilia Lanyer [1]