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    Adaptive temporal difference learning of spatial memory in the water maze task
    Adoption of organic farming systems in Missouri
    Alcohol consumption, executive function and risky decision making
    Algorithm for computation and visualization of weighted constrained Voronoi diagrams
    Analysis and optimization of electroformed dendritic structures as enhanced heat transfer surfaces
    Analysis of the average crop revenue election program, a representative farm approach
    Applications of gel electrophoresis in quantum dot conjugates' separation and purification
    Are structural changes in the agri-food sector causing the instability of parochial ag-producers?
    Assessing the resolution effects of digital elevation models on automated floodplain delineation: a case study from the Camp Creek Watershed in Missouri
    An assessment of inhibition in the Simon task
    Association rule mining in cooperative research
    Atrazine transport through a glacial till aquifer in north-central Missouri
    Autonomy development and the influence of temperament
    Battle on the home front: a contingency approach to analyzing how an army unit communicates with families during a deployment
    The birth and death of a tar baby: Henry Kissinger and southern Africa
    Brand origin and consumers' pereceptions of apparel product attributes relating to quality
    A case study on the use of focus groups as participatory research
    Cellular behaviors regulating tangential migration of facial branchiomotor neurons in the zebrafish embryo
    Cellular neural network virtual machine for graphics hardware with applications in image processing
    Class awareness in Iceland