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    A mediated moderation model of bulimic symptoms among college women [1]
    Metabolic and autonomic nervous system effects of bariatric surgery [1]
    MUPrimer : a tool for finding allele specific PCR-primers for homologous gene sequences [1]
    Payday lending : spatial distribution and neighborhood demographics [1]
    A qualitative case study into the Toronto Star's electronic newspaper and its impact on newsroom practices and journalists [1]
    Second weddings : a new kind of fairy tale [1]
    The slippery slope of change : locating the boundaries around complementarian evangelical institutions and ideas [1]
    Smart, sultry and surly : a textual analysis of the portrayal of women scientists in film, 1962 - 2005 [1]
    The social economics of organic production in Columbia's Farmer's Market [1]
    Solely unrooted [1]
    Standards of objectivity : a comparison between daily and alternative newsweekly papers in three Ohio cities [1]
    Study of antimicrobial activity and mechanism of zinc oxide nanoparticles against foodborne pathogens [1]
    A study of the role of the Atg8 protein in autophagic vesicle formation [1]
    Transcriptional regulation of ADAM-12 expression under normal and osteoarthritic conditions [1]
    Vascular smooth muscle metabolism and pyruvate dehydrogenase [1]
    Video adaptation for IPTV applications [1]
    Vitamin D status as a predictor of outcomes of experimentally-induced muscle pain and weakness in young, healthy volunteers [1]
    When response is news : individual reactions to news websites that solicit reader opinion as moderated by need for closure [1]
    Women state legislators and represenation [sic] : a case study of Missouri, 1923-2009 [1]