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    Ethical considerations in the use of commercial agents in international student recruitment [1]
    Evaluating distance education: the student perspective [1]
    Evaluation of modified montmorillonites in poultry diets [1]
    Evolution of signal frequency in Neoconocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): a study of perceptual and environmental sources of selection [1]
    An examination of how extended field experiences, integrated coursework, and school partnerships influenced the development of four first year teachers' literacy beliefs and practice [1]
    An examination of learner-centered professional development for reluctant teachers [1]
    An examination of school leader's perceptions of the impact of HIV/AIDS on selected primary schools in Zimbabwe [1]
    Examining the academic performance and retention of first-year students in living-learning communities, freshmen interest groups and first year experience courses [1]
    Examining the effects of blame vs. attack anti-tobacco messages using the limited capacity model of motivated mediated message processing [1]
    Experimental and analytical study on two-phase impingement cooling with and without electric field [1]
    An exploratory study of undergraduate classroom experiences and occupational attainment in alumni satisfaction with university experiences [1]
    Factors that predict graduation among college students with disabilities [1]
    Family structure, residential area and housing demand: evidence from micro-data for the U.S. [1]
    Famous last words [1]
    Fantasy football participation and media usage [1]
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe [1]
    The first year: an autoethnography of the Troubling Violence Performance Project [1]
    La folie, le mal de l'Afrique postcoloniale dans le Baobab fou et la folie et la mort de Ken Bugul [1]
    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants [1]
    For better or worse?: the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity [1]