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    An analysis of the relationships between servant leadership, school culture, and student achievement
    Analysis of withdrawal reasons and mobility factors for Missouri's public school students with disabilities
    The anatomy theater
    Anisotropic organic materials: ferroelectric crystals and spin-polarized radicals
    Antecedent hydrogen sulfide elicits an anti-inflammatory phenotype in postischemic murine small intestine
    The antioxidative effects of exercise training-and diet-induced weight loss
    Arsenic rejection by membrane processes: model development and application
    Assessing the capacity for collaborative ecosystem stewardship on private forestland in the Missouri Ozarks
    Assessment for learning: connecting students to their learning
    Assessment of teachers' ability to integrate science concepts into secondary agriculture programs
    Audit committee tenure, earnings quality, firm performance and cost of capital
    Autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation as a therapy for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
    Automated quantification of rubidium-82 myocardial perfusion images using wavelet based approach
    Behavioral choice and demographic consequences of wood frog habitat selection in response to land use
    Benchmark criticality calculations for one speed neutron transport
    Beyond money: relating local school taxation to family and community risk
    Beyond the edge: riparian habitat use and forest management effects on stream salamanders in the southern Appalachian mountains
    Biodegradable packaging for corrosion inhibition via supercriticial fluid
    Black students at predominatly white institutions: a motivational and self-systems approach to understanding retention
    Blogging about books: writing, reading, and thinking in a twenty-first century classroom