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    Motivation to do well on low-stakes tests [1]
    A multi-case examination of the impact of national board certification on the teaching profession [1]
    Multi-scale factors influencing detection, site occupancy and resource use by foraging bats in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri [1]
    Multiscale modeling of biomolecular systems [1]
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis [1]
    Nanoporous carbon from corn cobs and its application [1]
    Natural law and the challenge of legal positivism [1]
    Nectar in nicotiana: pollinator associations, sources of variation, and evolutionary consequences [1]
    Neighborhood effects, convergence and growth in open economies of U.S. and Mexico [1]
    Neutron diffraction and quasielastic neutron scattering studies of films of N-alkanes and a branched alkane adsorbed on graphite [1]
    Nineteenth-century literary women and the temperance tradition: temperance rhetoric in the fiction of Lydia Sigourney, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Rebecca Harding Davis and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps [1]
    Nitrosative guanosine deamination: pyrimidine ring opening implications of effects in homogeneous solution as well as anisotropic environments [1]
    Noise and signal transmission properties as agents of selection in the vibrational communication environment [1]
    Non-cognitivism, internalism, and the Frege-Geach problem [1]
    Nonlinear control and active damping of a forced-feedback metering poppet valve [1]
    Nonlinear finite element modeling and characterization of guyed towers under severe loading [1]
    Nonlinear intersubband dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures [1]
    Novel chemical mechanisms of DNA damage by natural products [1]
    A novel framework for protein structure prediction [1]
    A novel ultra-low refractive index nanoporous dielectric based aqueous core waveguide system [1]