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    Playing on the margins: local musicians and their resistance projects
    Power and negotiation in safety program development in a research university
    Power in the garden: exploring the lives of Missouri farm women and their vegetable gardens during the Great Depression
    Predicting first year academic success of the student-athlete population at the University of Missouri
    Predictive validity of the five-factor model profiles for antisocial and borderline personality disorders
    Preschool piano methods and developmentally appropriate practice
    Preservice elementary teachers' perceptions of their understanding of scientific inquiry-based pedagogy and their confidence to teach science: influence of elementary science education methods course and science field experience
    Principal and teacher beliefs and knowledge regarding grade retention: a case study
    Probing supramolecular assemblies via fluorescent reporter molecules
    Professional development for primary science teaching in Thailand: knowledge, orientations, and practices of professional developers and professional development participants
    Psychometric properties of the School Leader Practice Survey (SLPS) to determine Missouri school superintendent perceptions about Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards performance indicators
    Quantitative biological studies at cellular and sub-cellular level
    Queer affluence, popular media, and the matter of the openly gay spokesperson
    Racial differences in households' financial asset allocation, 1992-2004
    Raman scattering studies and charge transport in polyfluorenes
    Raptor and wading bird migration in Veracruz, Mexico: spatial and temporal dynamics, flight performance, and monitoring applications
    Rational design of split gene vectors to expand the packaging capacity of adeno-associated viral vectors
    Rebuilding the soul: churches and religion in Bavaria, 1945-1960
    Regulation of Nrf2 by a keap1-dependent E3 ubiquitin ligase
    Regulations and functions of P2Y₂ and P2X₇ nucleotide receptors in the central nervous system