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    The relationship between cortisol and social stress in late adolescent girls' friendships [1]
    The relationship between leadership style and student achievement in high poverty, low funded schools [1]
    The relationship between risk factors and problem behaviors in adolescence : an approach to identify a latent general risk and a latent general problem behavior factors [1]
    The relationships among middle level teachers' assessment practices, instructional leadership, and student achievement [1]
    The relative impact of principal managerial, instructional, and transformational leadership on student achievement in Missouri middle level schools [1]
    Representaciones de la violencia en la poesía de la guerra civil española [1]
    The residual control roles of cooperative board of directors : a preliminary comparative analysis [1]
    The role of household environment on health outcomes for female adolescents in Kenya [1]
    The role of leadership capacity in sustaining the school improvement initiative of schoolwide positive behavior supports [1]
    The role of load in initiation and progression of cartilage pathology [1]
    The role of mental-modeling ability, content knowledge, and mental models in general chemistry students' understanding about molecular polarity [1]
    The role of mentoring in developing beginning principals' instructional leadership skills [1]
    The role of P2Y₂ nucleotide receptors in vascular inflammation [1]
    The role of teamwork in public child welfare caseworkers' intentions to leave [1]
    The role of terrrestrial habitat in the population dynamics and conservation of pond-breeding amphibians [1]
    Role of the Arabidopsis peptide transporter AtOPT6 in heavy metal detoxification and plant-pathogen interaction [1]
    Role of the intermediate-conductance Ca²⁺-activated K⁺ channel (K[ca]3.1) in coronary smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation [1]
    The role of the P2Y₂ nucleotide receptor in inflammation: the mechanisms of P2Y₂ receptor-mediated activation of G proteins [1]
    Roles of sex and insulin on microvascular exchange function [1]
    Roman Egypt : change amid continuity in the art and architecture of an Eastern Imperial Province [1]