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    Teachers' knowledge of algebraic reasoning: its organization for instruction [1]
    Telling the future: a qualitative examination of the career preparations and expectations of African American high school seniors [1]
    Temporal effects of fescue toxicosis and heat stress on rat physiology and hepatic gene expression [1]
    A theory of Yere-Wolo: coming-of-age narratives in African diaspora literature [1]
    Thinking locally: provincialism and cosmopolitanism in American literature since the Great Depression [1]
    Three essays on dividend and payout policy [1]
    Three essays on entrepreneurship: theory, measurement, and environment [1]
    Three essays on firm-specific volatility [1]
    Trace formulae in finite von Neumann algebras [1]
    Tracking public post-secondary enrollment patterns of Missouri A+ Program-eligible graduates [1]
    Transcription regulation of adeno-associated viruses [1]
    Transference and Szego's theorem for measure preserving representations [1]
    The transitional experience of home-schooled students entering public education: how can public schools better serve the home-schooled student's transition to public education? [1]
    Uncertainty and tangible assets in firm investment: inter-industry evidence from APEC countries [1]
    Understanding learning activities of caseworkers for the development of their professional competence [1]
    Understanding the demands and constraints of department heads in higher education based on the perceptions of deans, faculty, and department heads [1]
    Understanding the effect of computer-supported, case-based instruction on third-year medical students' ethical reasoning [1]
    Using Friedman to understand the relationship between market competition and corporate social performance [1]
    Using population invariance as a criterion to evaluate equating relationship for college basic academic subject examination [1]
    Utilizing social stories to reduce problem behavior and increase pro-social behavior in young children with autism [1]