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    Action research investigation into teaming in one school district [1]
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm [1]
    Against all odds: leadership in a high-poverty high-performing school [1]
    Algorithm design and error analysis of quantized RSSI based localization in wireless sensor networks [1]
    Analysis of flame images in gas-fired furnaces [1]
    Analysis of withdrawal reasons and mobility factors for Missouri's public school students with disabilities [1]
    Assessment for learning: connecting students to their learning [1]
    Black students at predominatly white institutions: a motivational and self-systems approach to understanding retention [1]
    A case study of the retirement portability for Missouri educators identifying and assessing the driving and restraining forces for policy change [1]
    Classroom seating: applying Johnson's decision making inventory [1]
    Comparing perceptions about collaborative culture from certified and non-certified staff members through the adaptation of the School Culture Survey - Teacher Form [1]
    Department head leadership and the use of faculty credit hours as a measure of faculty workload [1]
    Developing and establishing the reliability and validity of the teacher perceptions of school culture survey (TPSC) [1]
    Development and validation of the Comfort and Conformity of Gender Expression Scale (CAGES) [1]
    Development and validation of the perceived parental social support scale-lesbian gay (ppss-lg) [1]
    The development of the student counseling needs scale (SCNS) [1]
    Discourse as a normative instrument: analysis of mental illness on a disability services discussion list [1]
    Distributed resource allocation and performance optimization for video communication over mesh networks based on swarm intelligence [1]
    Effective leadership traits identified through protestant clergy leader conversations [1]
    Efficient protein tertiary structure retrievals and classifications using content based comparison algorithms [1]